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Letter from Church Chair

Dear Lake Avenue Church Family,

As we gather for our Winter Congregational Meeting and reflect on the past year, we are filled with gratitude. In the midst of a year of challenges that impacted us all, God provided for our needs in so many ways. We are thankful for the opportunity to worship together, to be in community with one another, and to serve His kingdom. While the way we gather together has changed, our mission for Lake Avenue Church has not changed: “Following Jesus, we participate in God's reconciling work by making disciples of all peoples and generations.” This calling is what makes Lake Avenue Church such a special place. We have a great history of local and global impact, and we anticipate that God will use us mightily in the season ahead.

Last year, Pastor Jeff Mattesich invited us to be a “Church in Motion.” Little did we know how challenging this would prove to be in 2020. As we move forward in 2021, we will continue to embrace the Lord’s calling to be a “Church in Motion.” Lake Avenue Church is actively working to fulfill its mission in new ways as we adapt to our changing world. We are thankful for God’s provision from our finances to the faithfulness of each person who served and supported Lake Avenue Church in 2020. We are especially grateful for the heroic leadership of our peerless staff during this unprecedented season. The Lord has blessed our church over the past year, enabling us to expand our reach and allowing us to deepen our trust in Him.

As we look forward to this new year at Lake Avenue Church, we are excited to continue growing in the love and knowledge of the Lord. We believe that God is equipping us and has great plans for us, many of which are just beginning to unfold. As we partner together, and as we are faithful to God’s calling, we pray that our thoughts and ways would conform to the Lord’s:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (The NIV Study Bible, Isaiah 55:8-9).

Our Winter Congregational Meeting will include Pastor Mattesich’s vision for Lake Avenue Church, building on many of these themes and challenging us to be responsive to God’s calling. The meeting will include the selection of our 2021 Nominating Committee, which is charged with creating a slate of leaders to fill positions across Lake Avenue Church. We will vote on this slate during our Summer Congregational Meeting. Also during our Winter Congregational Meeting, we will present the Annual Report as well as information on Facilities projects. The Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC) will provide an update on their progress as they seek God’s will for Lake Avenue Church in their selection and recommendation of our next Senior Pastor.

As we continue working out our calling as a “Church in Motion,” we pray that we will be found faithful and obedient to His plans for us.

Dan Crichton
Church Chair

New Members, Nominating Committee Slate, & Leadership Roster

New Members

  1. Bruce Bolton
  2. Gina Bolton
  3. Jayme Chan
  4. Phoebe Chan
  5. Mary Phung
  6. Maricella Schoenberger
  1. Jodie Yu
  2. James Rhodes
  3. Lucas Elliot
  4. Alexandra Ciminera
  5. Tommy Stanton


  1. Soji Adesina
  2. Bola Adesina
  3. Gino Aguirre
  4. Win Aguirre
  5. Wendy Ambrose
  6. Barbara Bissel
  7. Dan Bissel
  8. David Bun
  9. Kellie Bunn
  10. Dan Castro
  11. Liz Castro
  12. Tiffany Castro
  13. Gerald Duncan
  14. Kathy Duncan
  15. Diana Durr
  16. Vicki Eisele
  17. Michael Friedman
  18. Jaime Garcia
  19. Raquel Garcia
  20. Anna Giangregorio
  21. Carolyn Hansen
  22. Patrick House
  23. Julie House
  24. Alex Kyster
  25. Cherise Kyster
  26. Jim Lucas
  27. Shelly Lucas
  28. Ted Magrum
  29. Julie Magrum
  30. Cassandra Mittelberg
  31. Gary Mittelberg
  1. Jack Plescia
  2. Stephen Rao
  3. Nancy Sahrling
  4. Mikael Sahrling
  5. Reggie Salazar
  6. Frank Schwenden
  7. Ade Sianturi
  8. Julia Sianturi
  9. David Taffi
  10. Johanna Tokunaga
  11. Ana Valldejull
  12. Michelle West
  13. Paul West
  14. Linda Yi
  15. Elizabeth Zacharias
  16. Debra Habibi
  17. Samir Hanna
  18. Ragaa Hanna
  19. Dean Hirsch
  20. Wendy Hirsch
  21. Doe Marasa
  22. David Marasa
  23. Joy Robert
  24. Robert Rosen
  25. Kimberly Sharpley
  26. Fermin Soto 
  27. Anita Soto
  28. Clifford Tanner
  29. Lisa Tanner
  30. Kim Shropshire


  1. Ralph Bicker
  2. Ricardo Fernandez
  3. Jeanne Hahne
  4. Bill Iwan
  5. Tim Lennon
  6. Alice Malijan
  7. Marilyn Mead
  1. Virginia Paulson
  2. Jean Reed
  3. Steve Rogers
  4. Mary Scott
  5. Bonnie Johnson
  6. Robert J. Clark

Nominating Committee 2021 Proposed Slate

Aaron Leung

Aaron Leung

Alan Tussy

Alan Tussy

Elaine Carovilla

Elaine Carovilla

Jane Rumph

Jane Rumph

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson

Jeep Jensen

Jeep Jensen

Jeff Leonard

Jeff Leonard

Jodi Moreno

Jodi Moreno


Kathryn Sievert-Hutto

Paul Bowser

Paul Bowser

Leadership Roster 2019-2020

The Nominating Committee is charged with identifying & qualifying leadership nominees for the Ministry Council and the four Ministry Divisions - Worship & the Arts, Adult Ministry, Family Ministry, Outreach Ministry. The roster below reflects the current elected leadership committees and ministry teams for the 2019/2020 ministry year.

Ministry Council

(Elected by the Congregation)

Dan Crichton 250x250

Dan Crichton
Church Chair

ashley pallie 250x250

Ashley Pallie

AliceLoomis 250x250

Alice Loomis
Council Member

BobSloat 250x250

Bob Sloat
Council Member

IrvRager 250x250

Irv Rager
Council Member

hollimon kathy 250x250

Kathy Hollimon
Council Member

LindaHallAugur 250x250

Linda Hall-Augur
Council Member

Pam Koyzis 250x250

Pam Koyzis
Council Member

MikeSoderling 250x250

Michael Soderling
Council Member

Shiela Wolford 250x250

Shiela Wolford
Council Member

Stephen Welch 250x250

Stephen Welch
Council Member

Madeline Crowley 250x250

Madeline Crowley
Council Member

Ministry Council Committees

Ministry Divisions