Children's and Student Ministries Ministry Plan


[Note: This Plan is currently under development]

Lake Avenue Church

Children's and Student Ministries

Ministry Plan

Fiscal Year 2013



The Children’s and Student Ministries are focused on our youngest church family members. Our ministry is focused on guiding our children, students and parents to first come to personal faith in Jesus Christ and then to follow Him to complete spiritual maturity. This includes Biblical instruction, adult leadership, small groups, service, missions and outreach opportunities all focused to help children, students, and families both learn and experience the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this by:
  • Regularly evaluating our staff, programs, and ministries to assure alignment with the LAC Ministry Principles (MP) including reliance on God's will, scripture, the Holy Spirit and prayer.
  • Providing biblical teaching and curriculum that concur with the LAC Statement of Faith, consistently proclaim the Gospel and encourage children and students in their spiritual journey (MM, MV, MS1, MS2).
  • Presenting the Gospel in its fullness from Nursery through high school in a continuous, relevant and coherent manner.
  • Engaging spiritually mature, emotionally healthy, culturally diverse, and intentionally trained adult leaders to guide our children and students in their faith and growth in Christ (MC, MS1, MS2, MS4).
  • Providing meaningful and significant places of service for children, students, and their families at LAC, while assuring pastoral care and spiritual guidance for those whom they serve (MC, MS2, MS5).
  • Providing a ministry that intentionally seeks to reach and integrate children, students, and parents from our local neighborhood into the spiritual life of LAC.
  • Implementing a thoughtful global missions program and strategy that trains and equips children and students for life-long participation in God's global work (MC, MS6, MS7).
  • Partnering with the Worship Division to more fully include our children and students in the worship services and to help create intergenerational worship experiences at LAC (MP, MV, MS2, MS3).

Ministry Areas

  • Nursery (New Families)
  • Pre-school (First steps of faith)
  • Elementary (Starting community, building friendships, growing in faith together)
  • Pre-teen (Emerging independence, taking responsibility, deepening of faith foundation)
  • Junior High (Changing kids and families, growing and changing faith)
  • High school (Maturing in Christ, forming of Christian identity and world-view)
  • College (Engaging the world)

High Priority Goals and Initiatives.

  • Formally constitute Ministry Teams
  • Assess and realign Elementary and High School pastoral and administrative support positions
  • Create better alignment and a common strategy for Family Ministry
  • Create and initiate a high school level confirmation program
  • Establish spiritual goals for each grade level

Other Goals and Initiatives

Goals for Fiscal Year 2012


  • Confirmation program:
    • Curricula is being created right now.
    • Recruiting adult mentors to begin in Spring 2012.o Roll out of program planned for Fall 2012.
  • Summer study of Exodus for all Children and Student mid-week ministry


  • We are assessing facility needs and improvements in Maple Street.
  • The Student Center is being transformed into the Children and Student Center by reassigning offices and moving most Children's ministry staff into new offices.


  • Overall volunteer assessment in how volunteers are recruited, trained, utilized, etc. in all areas of Children and Student ministries.

Common Strategy

  • Assessment of current opportunities to have a more connected and common strategy from Children to Student ministries.
  • Summer 2012 to be an integrated and connected across all age groups. We will be fostering community and encouraging families with coordinated programming on Wednesday evenings.
  • Assessment of paid staff positions across all ministries, underway.
  • Four "rhythms" standardized across C&S. (4 rhythms: Yearly parent conferences, quarterly communication from associate pastor, weekly communication from age-group pastor, daily prayer for families).

Goals for FY13


  • Confirmation Program running strong, and High School Ministry realigned as a result.
  • Spiritual goals for each grade identified and established in every ministry area – informed by Scripture, SOF, and MVP


  • Facility improvements underway in Maple Street


  • Volunteer Teams aligned and maximized in all areas of Children and Student Ministry

Common Strategy

  • Common ministry calendars, parenting opportunities, etc. in place and functioning.
  • Paid Staff philosophy justifying, aligning and maximizing all paid positions.

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