31 May 2023 Wednesday
7:30 - 9:30 pm

Deeply Formed - “Things Jesus Said”

Spring Discipleship Study

Event by College & Young Adults

Event Details

A parable is a story about a simple common subject that has a profound spiritual truth. Jesus was a master storyteller and used over 40 recorded parables to help share an understanding about who He was and what the Kingdom of God was like. These stories create a change in thinking or a new perspective for those who were open-minded. Come engage in our series “Things Jesus Said” and see for yourself how those ancient stories translate into today’s powerful lessons.

Our Format: Large group gathering with an opening teaching overview and table group discussion ending with personal prayer requests!

Anyone is welcome to join at any point in the Series. Hope to see you!

Questions? Contact Beth Paz, Pastor of Young Adult Ministries, at or 626.817.4840 or  John Roferos, Young Adult Ministry Coordinator, at