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Dec. - Jan. 2022-2023

Urbana Mission Conference

Event by College & Young Adults

Event Details

We will fundraise together as a team so that everyone can go. You will be expected to give / fundraise a portion of the total amount. Please don't let finances be the reason you don't attend. 

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The Urbana Student Missions Conference is a milestone moment. It’s a sacred space for vibrant, multicultural worship, dynamic Bible teachings, and eye-opening testimonies from the global Church. It’s a space for whole-life, whole-world discipleship — discovering how God is calling us to use our gifts and passions in his global mission.

Urbana will call and equip us to say yes to Jesus, following him into new spaces — and familiar ones — across campus, communities, countries, to the ends of the earth.

Urbana is grounded in God’s Word. We dive deep into the hard questions and big callings God has placed on our lives, using his Word as a guide, teacher, and encourager.

Urbana is a space for finding mentors and friends to come alongside us. To help us grow in our walks with Jesus. To discover next steps and new callings. To pray, to listen, to encourage.

Worship like never before — with thousands across cultures and languages, praising our global God in all his glory.

Learn more here: About Urbana | Urbana