A Mission with God: Perspectives 2016

Two things I would want for everyone who calls Lake their home is to really understand what our Statement of Faith is all about and how it guides who we are as church and how we follow Jesus.  The second thing is for everyone to take Perspectives.   - Greg Waybright, Senior Pastor

Pastor Greg set this challenge before us last year and we began moving into that this past Fall with our series, small groups and classes we called “Shared Faith.”   In that journey so many of us rediscovered the richness and depth of what it means to be the People of God.  So what better time to take up the second challenge from Pastor and discover more fully what it means to live a disciple’s life fully on mission with God. 

Perspectives alums all have a story, this one belongs to LAC family member, Cindy Cuilla:

I took Perspectives and my world-view and life were changed forever! Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a mind-blowing discipleship journey taking you deeper into God’s purposes, a God on mission and who invites us to join him. How do all the pieces of this great commission puzzle fit together? In the end, God will bring ALL pieces of the puzzle together fully revealing His beautiful picture of love & redemption. Until then, we as His disciples are “blessed to be a blessing” as we participate in history, which really is His Story …right here, right now.  Do Perspectives and you’ll never see things the same!

Perspectives lasts 18 weeks beginning Tuesday, January 12.  Registration is available on our webpage.  Spaces are limited.  If you are unsure, and if space is available, the first night is free to get a taste.  I hope you will join me and our Perspectives host team as we journey together into what it means to be on a mission with God in our day and in our generation.

For more information and to register visit us at or call 626.844.4774.