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Dear Church Family,

We would like to thank our congregation for submitting over 100 recommendations for the formation of the first LAC Leadership Development Team (LDT) to our deacon committee.

As promised, we have vetted and interviewed your recommendations with care, and we are advancing all qualified nominees who accepted a nomination to the vote at our March 26 congregational meeting.

For your prayerful consideration, we joyfully present to you our slate of members for six open spots. As a congregation, we will be voting for and selecting two nominees from each term length.

One-year term (concluding August 2024)

  1. Gene Brunzell
  2. Elaine Carovilla
  3. Jeep Jensen
  4. Lois Kasten
  5. Jeff Leonard
  6. Andrew Lin
  7. Jeff Liou
  8. Jeanne Mead
  9. Lee Merritt
  10. Joyce Penner
  11. Bela Szilagyi
  12. Alan Tussy

Two-year term (concluding August 2025)

  1. Karla Espinal
  2. Wayne Foster
  3. Dick Kasten
  4. Anne McKinley
  5. Ruth Mielke
  6. WeiLin Ni
  7. Scott Nishizaki
  8. Judy Packard
  9. Jeff Rose
  10. Les Stocker
  11. Bob Stover
  12. Bassem Wahbi
  13. Arnie Welch

Three-year term (concluding August 2026)

  1. Jerry Barringer
  2. Beth Drake
  3. Gamil (Jim) Fanous
  4. Matthew Fenske
  5. Preston Hawkins
  6. David Kattenhorn
  7. Roberta King
  8. Franci Maharaj
  9. Marci Perry
  10. Jim Rhodes
  11. Matt Sanders
  12. Anita Szilagyi

To familiarize yourself with the nominees, you can find their photos and a brief statement on their vision for LDT (Leadership Development Team) below. You can also read about the responsibilities of the LDT along with the procedure to form this key leadership committee through the link.

We would like to thank God for giving us a front-row seat to the God-given passion to serve that is alive in our congregation. We trust the Lord completely and know that He will guide us as a body to elect the six members who are called to serve in this season.

With gratitude,

Lisa Liou, Audrey Durden, Mark Jolley, Rich Kasten and Roberta King
LAC Deacons

2023 Leadership Development Team Slate

* Please note that relatives/spouses will not be permitted to serve together on the LDT. In the event that two or more from the same family are running, only the relative/spouse with the highest number of votes will be eligible for one of the six spots.

To familiarize yourself with the Church Covenant and the responsibilities of the LDT, reference pages 4-6 of the Church Covenant and read the start up procedures.

Congregational Leadership Covenant Leadership Development Team Start-up Procedure

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