Greetings Church Family,

We hope this message finds you all in good stead as we head into the hottest month of the year. Your Ministry Council wants to connect more with you all and move from strangers to familiar members of the congregation. As such, every month you can come to this page to learn more about what is happening in the Ministry Council and ways you can be praying for the work we are doing.

At our end of July Ministry Council meeting, we began by focusing on how missional outreach and evangelism is going at LAC, led by Matthew John. It’s so beautiful to witness the many ways that the Holy Spirit is speaking to members at LAC – one of which is the importance of sitting in stillness and prayer while we wait on the Lord to speak. That theme is coming up over and over in many different ministries at LAC, which reinforces the same belief we have on the Ministry Council that we as a full church body need to embark on a year of listening to the Lord. If that sounds exciting to you, come to the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, August 29th to learn more.

We then spent time working through updates to our ministry goals (the bylaw renewal process and racial reconciliation strategy and recommendations). There will be reports shared at the Congregational Meeting around both of those goals, so stay tuned. We then reviewed the ministry goals for the upcoming year and received an update from the Nominating Committee Chair on our future elected leaders. We are deeply grateful to Janet Wilson, the Chair, who has faithfully led her team through the process of discerning who the elected leaders will be at LAC as we move into our next ministry year. Finally, we discuss the budget recommendations for the 2021-22 year, which will be shared at the Congregational Meeting.

Three Areas of Prayer:

  1. Please pray for the end of the fiscal year. Jesus has been so deeply faithful to LAC and we are thankful for the incredible blessings we receive from Him. May LAC always be a church that points others to our Lord and Savior and never to ourselves.
  2. Pray for the upcoming Congregational meeting on August 29th and the work God is clearly doing to focus the Church to stillness and prayer. We feel a real call as your Ministry Council to embark on a Year of Listening, which we will discuss in more detail on that evening. Spend time with the Lord and ask Him what He wants for LAC. We are listening.
  3. And finally, please pray for the Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC) and their process – specifically, that God continues to lead them and that the devil does not meddle in the personal lives of the members. We know that the devil is busiest when God is speaking. We pray against him in Jesus’ name!

Ministry Council