Grandparenting Ministry is to be an open fellowship of Lake Avenue Church grandparents that meets for the following purposes:

  • Equipping grandparents (and “adoptive grandparents”), through Biblical application of God’s design, to pass on a legacy of faith through intentional interaction with parents and grandchildren.
  • Learning to live as intentional Christian grandparents by sharing what we are learning with each other and by fostering small-group fellowships among the grandparents as the need/desire arises.
  • Nurturing life-long supportive relationships. 
  • Praying for ourselves, our adult children and our grandchildren and each other.
The Resource List below is from Legacy Coalition Grandparents Day Kit. © 2020 Legacy Coalition. All Rights Reserved.

Grandparenting Matters Series 

  • Equipping Grandparents
  • Biblical Grandparenting
  • Grandparenting (book and DVD)
  • Long-Distance Grandparenting
  • Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers
  • Discipling Your Grandchildren

Courageous Grandparenting
by Cavin Harper

Grandparenting with a Purpose
by Lillian A. Penner

Extreme Grandparenting
by Dr. Tim & Darcy Kimmel

Great Lessons & Grand Blessings: Grandparents of the Bible Offer Wisdom
by Elmer Towns


Let’s Talk cards
Laugh, learn, and get to know your grandchildren better. 150 questions to use as a launchpad for meaningful conversations.

Grandchild Promise cards
Make the most of every opportunity to bless your grandchildren while reminding them of God’s promises. Send them in a card or tuck into a lunch box or on a pillow for bedtime.

Prayers for My Grandchildren Placemat
Daily reminder to pray specifically for your grandchildren. Each day of the month contains a character quality and scripture to pray for your grands.

Legacy: The Joy of Intentional Grandparenting
This music CD of Christian artists helps move us to a new level of commitment and purpose in our grandparenting.

*All these valuable resources and many more are available at

Grandparenting Team

Contact:  Nancy Smith, Coordinator of Connecting Ministry and Grandparenting Ministry
Email  or call 626.817.4568