Grandparenting Ministry is to be an open fellowship of Lake Avenue Church grandparents that meets for the following purposes:

  • Equipping grandparents (and “adoptive grandparents”), through Biblical application of God’s design, to pass on a legacy of faith through intentional interaction with parents and grandchildren.
  • Learning to live as intentional Christian grandparents by sharing what we are learning with each other and by fostering small-group fellowships among the grandparents as the need/desire arises.
  • Nurturing life-long supportive relationships. 
  • Praying for ourselves, our adult children and our grandchildren and each other.
The Resource List below is from Legacy Coalition Grandparents Day Kit. © 2020 Legacy Coalition. All Rights Reserved.

Grandparenting Matters Series 

  • Equipping Grandparents
  • Biblical Grandparenting
  • Grandparenting (book and DVD)
  • Long-Distance Grandparenting
  • Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers
  • Discipling Your Grandchildren

Courageous Grandparenting
by Cavin Harper

Grandparenting with a Purpose
by Lillian A. Penner

Extreme Grandparenting
by Dr. Tim & Darcy Kimmel

Great Lessons & Grand Blessings: Grandparents of the Bible Offer Wisdom
by Elmer Towns


Let’s Talk cards
Laugh, learn, and get to know your grandchildren better. 150 questions to use as a launchpad for meaningful conversations.

Grandchild Promise cards
Make the most of every opportunity to bless your grandchildren while reminding them of God’s promises. Send them in a card or tuck into a lunch box or on a pillow for bedtime.

Prayers for My Grandchildren Placemat
Daily reminder to pray specifically for your grandchildren. Each day of the month contains a character quality and scripture to pray for your grands.

Legacy: The Joy of Intentional Grandparenting
This music CD of Christian artists helps move us to a new level of commitment and purpose in our grandparenting.

*All these valuable resources and many more are available at


Upcoming events and opportunities.

Lake Avenue Church is hosting a simulcast of the Legacy Grandparenting Summit, Thursday, October 21 and Friday, October 22. We will be in person in the Warehouse for two full days that will help us become more intentional Christian grandparents.

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Grandparenting Team

Contact:  Nancy Smith, Coordinator of Connecting Ministry and Grandparenting Ministry
Email  or call 626.817.4568