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Purpose Statement

To have a long weekend of family fun and relaxation, building relationships with friends and beginning new relationships.


Set in a camping environment, away from the usual, and provide activities for kids to be with kids, for adults to be with adults and for adults/parents to interact with kids.


Starting in 1979 several families from Galileans went camping. The group grew. About 1985 one of our members, on the board of the Union Rescue Mission, owner of the facility, made arrangements for us to camp there. We provided our own meals and our own activities, starting with crafts and a Sunday service geared strictly for the kids.

Galileans as a class realized the importance of the weekend and practically made it mandatory for everyone in class to go, particularly new people to the class. We felt a weekend at Green Oak was worth more than three years of all the other class activities combined as far as getting to know others and feeling at home in the class.


Over the last few years our typical attendance has been around 500. About half are adults over 18 and the rest are students with about 5% being 5 or under.

We encourage families to invite their friends, as it is a very easy-going and welcoming atmosphere that everyone can participate in and become part of. Our children's worship service is still geared to the kids with a children's sermon, yet always with an evangelistic message.

There is a spirit of working and playing together that permeates the ranch experience. People share food, bicycles, squirt guns, help each other with their tents, gather 'round campfires and just become extended family for the weekend. It is one of the best ways to meet people and become part of the LAC Family.


"Lake does more in 3 days than most camps do in a whole week!"
- Green Oak Ranch Staff

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