Legacy Grandparenting Summit is a 2-day conference aimed at equipping, inspiring and motivating Christian grandparents to wield their incredible influence in the lives of the youngest generations in our country. Over two days, 18 speakers from across the country will pump us up, cheer us on and send us out to grandparent with purpose and intentionality. The Summit will affirm the good things you are already doing with your grandkids, and it will give you a brand new perspective on how you can realize your God-given responsibility to influence multiple generations.


The Legacy Grandparenting Summit is a bargain at $59 for 2 full days of speakers, musicians and comedians all devoted to the vision of intentional Christian grandparenting. As a Host Site, Lake Avenue Church has a personalized link for registration. There is special pricing for those who cannot attend both days, and you will see that option at the registration link. All registration must be completed online. If you are a grandparent raising your grandkids, (e.g. you have legal custody) please let us know.

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For questions, please contact Nancy Smith .