When you visit a new place, do you prefer a map or a guide? Ideally, it is great to have both! Connecting in community at a place like Lake Avenue Church may sometimes feel a bit like shopping at the Mall of America! The opportunities seem endless, but where does one begin! A starting point is essential, but so is the personal touch of a guide, someone who understands what I am looking for and who can point me in the right direction for what I need (or where I am needed!).

Pathways is a consistent place where you can find this guidance.  Helpful Pathways Team members are available after each of the morning services in a reception area at the far west end of the lobby, near the Prayer Garden. This is a quiet place for one-on-one conversations that will assist you in finding areas of community and service.

Questions?  Please contact Nancy Smith, Connecting Coordinator at  or 626.817.4568.


Upcoming & on-going events hosted or related to Pathways...

No events have been organized.


On Sunday mornings we offer a 15-minute reception in our Pathways Center, located at the west end of the Worship Center Lobby. This is a comfortable place to gather with others after each Sunday worship service and find resources and helpful people to guide you and help you find your place at Lake.

What to expect at Pathways

  • A welcoming a friendly atmosphere.
  • Opportunities to get to know others, including some leaders and pastors at LAC.
  • Personal interaction around tables with a knowledgeable table leader in a casual and intimate setting.
  • Fun and informative activities designed to help you discover your own giftedness and interests.
  • Helpful guidance in connecting with a serving opportunity, small group, or community at Lake.

Perhaps you are already well connected at Lake. Great! Be a guide for others who are still looking. If you don’t know where to point them, send them to Pathways.


Find out more about how to use your gifts to serve your church, community and the world.

If you have a passion for helping others to find their place in the community at Lake, we could use your help as part of the Pathways team. Please call 626.817.4568 or e-mail us at and we’ll be glad to make the connection.

Pathways Team