The Health Outreach Ministry is a team of volunteers and who work together to:

  • Equip people to care for their own and others' health needs
  • Educate our culturally diverse community in a holistic approach to health care
  • Empower youth, adults and the elderly of our community to obtain health care and achieve their wellness potential
  • Enable and work with Parish Nurse provided by QueensCare Health and Faith Partnership to serve the health needs of the homeless and dayworkers in our community

Ministries and events hosted by Health Outreach Ministry Team:

  • Monthly public health information resources at a table in the lobby the 1st Sunday of the month.
  • Monthly health resource specialist consultations available at a table in the lobby the 1st Sunday of the month, as well as telephonically as needed, with a Licensed Social Worker.
  • Weekly parish nurse services and seasonal vaccinations at the Job Center and occasionally at LAC’s Sunday dinners for the needy in our community (funded by QueensCare).
  • Yearly Osteoporosis screening at LAC (provided by QueensCare) and staffed by Health Services Team.
  • Annual Bundles of Baby Blessings – offering support to WPCC* and supplies for young mothers
  • Annual Save-a-Life Sunday Red Cross Blood Drive

Ministries and events that are extensions of the Health Outreach Ministry Team supported and/or lead by members of the team:

  • Monthly Lunchtime Health Professional's Fellowship at Arcadia Methodist and Christian Health Professional Fellowship annual meeting
  • 2017: Mission Preborn concert to raise funds for Prolife centers
  • Ongoing: Liaison with *Women's Pregnancy Care Center (WPCC) and its Auxiliary
  • Ongoing: Outreach to the community with USC mobile dental clinic
  • Ongoing: Global Missions assisting promoting health and healing among the nations
  • Leadership in Healthcare Mission Conferences in Southern California
  • Coordinate with other LAC ministries on issues and public policy concerns, such as end-of-life, pro-life, bio-ethics, as well as, grief counseling for miscarriage & post abortive trauma
  • Endeavor to make further connections in community on homeless and disabled health needs


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