Practical Advice from our Counseling Ministry

Watch this video from Our Counseling Ministry Director, Tsega Worku, on how to practice good mental self-care during these moments of crisis. We have also included the information Tsega references - courtesy of Tanya Layman, one of our MFT-trainee in the LAC Counseling Ministries.

Please post on your fridge, in your office, or on your phone where you can remind yourselves to keep balance and perspective in your daily life:

  • First and foremost, keep God at the center. Take advantage of any extra time to pray and seek Him!
  • Stay connected with your community as much as possible, utilizing technology to call/text/FaceTime. Also, remember that many churches are gathering online, so be sure to take advantage.
  • Be aware of what you are letting into your mind and heart. Limit news content and increase stories of hope and encouragement (including staying in the Word).
  • Add laughter - a simple Youtube video showing funny cats can do a lot for the soul.
  • Keep worship music in the background of your home• If you are working from home or staying in due to social distancing, plan your day as if you were leaving the house. Get up, do as much of your routine as possible, including getting out of your PJs. If you like to stay active but can’t get to your gym, utilize creative means (such as YouTube for home workouts) to keep moving.
  • Additionally, given that you may have extra time on your hands, form a list of ways you’d like to use your time (such as reading that book you keep putting off)
  • Finally, think of how you can bless others in this time! Research shows the mental health benefits of altruistic behaviors and the Bible certainly supports this idea, too. One idea would be to write letters for all of the elderly confined to their rooms in a nursing home or write “thank you” cards to doctors and nurses working at a local hospital.

Whether you have a crisis situation or an ongoing emotional struggle, we have wonderful counseling resources that can help. Please click on any of the links above for more information.

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