Our 10-12 week long Counseling Support Groups provide a safe space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings and experience fellowship in a safe environment as you move toward restoration. Groups are led by Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees who are supervised by licensed clinicians. Contact us at 626.844.4794 or for registration.

Grief Support Group
Losing a loved one, job loss, or separation, can sometimes cause us to feel helpless and hopeless. Together we create strategies of empowerment and self-care, even during the most challenging days. So take the step toward understanding and join this group!

Anger Support Group
Did you know that anger is a normal emotion? We just need to have a better understanding and learn new strategies on how to convey our emotions in an appropriate manner. The Anger Support Group will help you gain the necessary tools to communicate your feelings in ways that are effective and better received by others.

Forgiveness Support Group
You deserve to stop suffering from the actions of others! Deciding to forgive is a process that helps us gain perspective and provide a pathway to exchange the pain for hope and joy. The Forgiveness Support Group explores the reasons why forgiveness is important for wholeness and health. You will discover new approaches to finally let go of the emotions that are preventing you from living a better life.

Addiction Support Group
The Addiction Support Group helps you recognize that you are not alone. It’s common for people with addictive behavior to feel isolated, depressed, and ashamed. Group therapy helps you feel connected to others, get a variety of feedback, and learn new skills on how to listen and empathize with others.

For more information and counseling-related questions, please call and leave a message at 626.844.4794. One of our team members will reach out to you directly.

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