Early Elementary Ministry K1-3rd Grade

Bible Lessons, Activities that Apply the Lesson to the Lives of your Children

During a child’s elementary years, the weekend services include a time of praise and worship, with review from previous weeks and a fun introduction to the day’s lesson, small group time that includes the Bible lesson, activities that apply the lesson to the lives of your children, prayer time and relationship building opportunities.



Lake Avenue Church’s Early Elementary Ministry introduces your child to God’s world, his Word, Himself. We shepherd children and families to connect with Jesus Christ: using tangible ways to explore the intangible; the Almighty God stepping into our finite world and into our lives. We sing songs of praise to the Lord. We step outside of ourselves by giving offerings that support our local and global communities. In both large and small groups, we address the rich questions head on: How did I get here? Why am I here? What went wrong in our world? How did God redeem it? What is “redeem”? How old is Jesus? He lives in my heart? Really? At a time when kids know that anything is possible, we connect them with the Infinite God who proves this true.

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