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Uniquely Better Parenting

Conflict, it causes stress, turns a good day to a bad one, can result in yelling, and might create silence in your home for a bit. Whether we like it or not conflict comes with the territory of being a parent. What if I were to tell you that conflict was necessary? Would you find it easier to embrace if you knew there was a purpose? Could you parent your kids better if you had some new tools?

Uniquely Better Parenting is hosting a Webinar on conflict in families and why we need to embrace it, navigate it, and how we can get better at it. It will take place on two different dates so that we can address the specific needs of our elementary and preschool parents separately from our pre-teen and teen parents. We have invited some wonderful experts to join us and help us have this discussion. REGISTER HERE to join the conversation!

Monday September 28, 7-8:30pm Preteen-Teen 
Monday October 12, 7-8:30 Preschool-Elementary



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