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Elementary ministries would like to welcome you to our Fall Quarter.  We pray as you are adjusting to your new school schedules you will also be able to join us for our two weekly connections.  On Wednesdays at 4 pm, we will discover our Bible focus of the week and learn fun activities with Quibbles and the gang.  Then, you can watch our Bible Video, found below on this page, or on our Facebook page, at some point before you joining us on Sundays at 10:30 am for our Virtual Sunday School.  For more details about our two weekly connections read more below.

  Resources can be found on our Facebook page.


SUNDAY MORNING! with Adam & Carmela


Please join us Sundays, at 10:30 am for our Virtual Sunday School. This will be a time for children K-3rd grade to worship and pray together as well as dig deeper into God's word through discussion and activities focused around our weekly Bible stories which are posted weekly here on our Facebook page.

For this week's Bible lesson information and items to bring for our craft time please scroll down to the weekly lesson info below.

For the Zoom link or questions, please contact Melinda Manus 

We look forward to seeing you on Sundays at 10:30 am!



In other news, we are pleased to announce our new midweek event, "Quality Time with Quibbles and the Gang!"  This is a time during the week for your kids to wind down from the school day and engage in new fun activities with our favorite furry friends each week!

Join the fun every Wednesday at 4 pm! Questions and Zoom link contact

Melinda Manus


Weekly Bible Lesson Resources

February 28th - Stephen's Sermon

Story Point: Stephen preached about Jesus no matter what.

Focus Verse: Romans 12:5

Bible Lesson Video 

Bible Lesson Worksheets



Craft/Activity  - Broken Heart

Jesus Heals craft
In our Bible lesson, we will learn that sharing our faith might not always be easy, in fact, it might end up being really hard to the point we end up getting hurt.  It just goes to show that being a follower of Jesus requires a lot of strength, and the good news is, Jesus gives us that strength and the bravery to heal and carry us through.
- any paper
- bandages
- any writing tool
- scissors
Discussion Questions 
  • What was Stephen accused of? (blasphemy, saying something untrue and dishonoring about God; Acts 6:11)
  • What did Stephen preach about? (Stephen used Israel’s history to explain Jesus is the Messiah; Acts 7:51-52)
  • What did the religious leaders do to Stephen as a result of his preaching about Jesus? (killed him, Acts 7:57-60)
  • Have you ever faced persecution for your faith? Guide kids to think about ways they may feel persecuted. Be sensitive to their experiences while taking care not to minimize the harsh persecution Christians face in other parts of the world.
  • How can we stand up boldly for Jesus in the face of persecution? Discuss the strength and power available to believers through the Holy Spirit. Remind kids that He can help us be bold in hard times. Encourage kids to trust God and have faith that He turns all things to good, even when we don’t see the good results.
  • What should we do if we are persecuted? Talk through what Stephen did. Help the kids see that Stephen did not fight his enemies, but instead asked God to forgive them for killing him. Remind kids that Jesus promised troubles and persecution would come. Encourage kids to pray for boldness in hard times, not just for things to get easier.

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