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Elementary ministries would like to welcome you to our Fall Quarter.  We pray as you are adjusting to your new school schedules you will also be able to join us for our two weekly connections.  On Wednesdays at 4 pm, we will discover our Bible focus of the week and learn fun activities with Quibbles and the gang.  Then, you can watch our Bible Video, found below on this page, or on our Facebook page, at some point before you joining us on Sundays at 10:30 am for our Virtual Sunday School.  For more details about our two weekly connections read more below.

  Resources can be found on our Facebook page.


SUNDAY MORNING! with Adam & Carmela

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Please join us Sundays, at 10:30 am for our Virtual Sunday School. This will be a time for children K-3rd grade to worship and pray together as well as dig deeper into God's word through discussion and activities focused around our weekly Bible stories which are posted weekly here on our Facebook page.

For this week's Bible lesson information and items to bring for our craft time please scroll down to the weekly lesson info below.

For the Zoom link or questions, please contact Melinda Manus 

We look forward to seeing you on Sundays at 10:30 am!


 Quality Time for promos

Wednesday, September 23rd there will be no Quality Time with Quibbles and the Gang.  Instead, join us for our virtual Family Fun Night.  Sign up below!  Then drop by the church between 5:00-6:00 pm to pick up your supplies and watch our video online to lead you through our fun activity.

Weekly Bible Lesson Resources

September 20th:  (Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John)

  Screen Shot 2020 09 10 at 4.20.19 PM

Screen Shot 2020 09 10 at 4.20.26 PM


Bible Lesson Video 

Bible Lesson Worksheets

K-1st Take-home sheet (pg1, pg2               

2nd-3rd Take-home sheet (pg1, pg 2)



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One of the simplest ways to share the good news of Jesus with others is by praying for them! There is no right or wrong way to pray, but this guide is a great first step in learning how! 

1. Praise God for my blessings.
2. I'm sorry for my sin.
3. Thank God for what He has given us.
4. Pray for others.
5.  Pray for myself.
Materials - Please bring these Sunday mornings 
- Paper (colored or blank)
- writing tool
- Crayons/Colored pencils (If using blank paper)
- Scissors

Family Discussion Questions:

Ask the following questions. Lead the group to discuss:

  • Where did Jesus show His glory? (at the top of a mountain, Mark 9:2)
  • Who stood with Jesus in glory? (Moses and Elijah, Mark 9:4)
  • What did the voice tell Peter, James, and John to do? (listen to Jesus, Mark 9:7)
  • Why do you think Jesus chose to reveal His glory to Peter, James, and John? Discuss those three disciples’ role as leaders among the disciples. Help the kids understand that they were Jesus’ closest friends as well as some of His most loyal followers. Help them understand that showing His glory to them was a way to help them see that He truly is God’s Son.
  • How should we respond to Jesus? Guide kids to discuss appropriate ways we might respond to the good news about Jesus. Talk to the kids about what it would look like to feel overjoyed, humbled, and awestruck. Remind the kids that part of our response to Jesus is loving obedience to His commands, including a desire to tell others about Him.

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