During a child’s elementary years, the weekend services include a time of praise and worship, Bible lesson, small group time with activities that apply the lesson, prayer time, and relationship-building opportunities.

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WE ARE NOW MEETING IN MAPLE STREET 300.  We are excited to welcome you to "Sunday Morning Live".  We are offering a children's church service for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  We will meet at a new time 10 am.  Please get your check-in stickers on the first floor of Maple Street.   


November Unit Theme

UPCYCLE wk 2: I want it that way

Bottom Line: Wanting more and more can make you miserable

Focus Verse: 2 Kings 21:1-19; 27

Monthly Verse: Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against wanting to have more and more things. Life is not made up of how much a person has.” Luke 12:15, NIrV

Story: I can trust God no matter what 

Discussion Questions

  • What was the name of our king in today’s story? (King Ahab)
  • Was King Ahab a good king who made wise decisions or a bad king who made unwise decisions? (He was a bad king who made unwise decisions.)
  • What was the queen’s name? (Jezebel)
  • What did King Ahab see that he really wanted? (a vineyard where grapes
    are grown)
  • What was the name of the vineyard owner?  (Naboth)
  • When the king asked Naboth if he could buy his vineyard, what did Naboth say? (He said no; the land was passed down in his family)
  • What did King Ahab do when Naboth refused to sell him his vineyard? (He went home and threw himself on his bed to pout. He refused to eat anything.)
  • When Queen Jezebel heard that Naboth wouldn’t give up his vineyard, what did she do? (She came up with an evil plan to get rid of Naboth so King Ahab could steal his vineyard.)
  • When King Ahab found out that Naboth was gone, what did he do? (He took Naboth’s vineyard.)
  • Who gave Elijah a message to give to King Ahab? (God)
  • Did King Ahab listen to the message from God? (Yes! He realized what
    he had done was wrong.)




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