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Welcome to Lake Avenue Middle School!

 - We hope you find everything you need here from our upcoming events and weekly meetings, to our sermon series and challenges :)

 - We strive to create a safe place for kids to come and grow in their faith as we play games, study the Bible, and grow closer to God.

 - We are happy to have you here and hope Lake Avenue is a home away from home for you and your family!


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- We are so happy that LIFE GROUPS ARE BACK!!! 

- On September 28th we will be launching our Middle School fall Lifegroups.

- Drop off your kids at the Lake Ave gym at 6:30pm and pick them up at the Warehouse at 8pm.

- Join us every Wednesday following the 28th for a night of crazy games, fun activities, and most importantly fellowship with each other. 

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- We hope you can join us every Sunday morning for our Middle School Service!

- Drop off your kids at the Warehouse at 9:30 for worship and pick them up after service from the Middle School room.

- This upcoming Sunday we are diving into the book of James and asking the question; why should we trust God more than ourselves? Feel free to ask your kid this week to get them thinking about the topic ahead of time :)


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- We just had our monthly lunch at The Hat with the middle schoolers on Sunday (9/18). Be on the lookout so that you don't miss our next one which will be on October 16th!

- We will walk to The Hat together from Lake Avenue so be sure to give your kids some cash before you drop them off. 

- We'll leave around 11:15am and be back at Lake Avenue by 12:30pm so don't forget about your kids while you're at lunch!

- We hope to see you all there :)

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For more information about Middle School Ministry, contact Perry Hawkins at


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Middle School Staff

Volunteer Team

We believe strongly in the importance of students connecting with caring adults in mentor-like relationships. As such, we are in ongoing need of additional men and women who seek to utilize their time and gifts to serve the local church and hopefully make life-changing impacts on students' lives.

We invite you to consider joining us.

Interested? Download our Application Form and Instructions.


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