Introduction to Rediscovering Jesus with Pastor Mathew P. John

We welcome you to join us on an exciting journey to rediscover Jesus and experience the reality of His presence in your everyday life. We are offering two pathways in this pursuit. The first is the Alpha Course, which is an introduction to the Christian faith presented in seven sessions through a one-on-one mentoring system at your convenience or through zoom groups on Sunday evenings. If you have already completed the Alpha course, we recommend the Mosaic Course, which will help you discover the uniqueness of the Christian faith in the context of other world religions and equip you to share your faith with others in a culturally sensitive fashion.

The courses are presented in a friendly, open, and informal environment and do not assume any background knowledge in Christianity or other religions. Anyone exploring faith is welcome to attend the courses. Please check out the following links for detailed information and registration.


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Alpha Retreat

It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment...

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