Why Sports?

Sports are popular all across the world, and while there are differences culturally, inter- generationally, and racially in our community, sports can help reconcile differences through relationship. Through sports we make lasting human connections, encourage each other, and through healthy competition, we establish a covenant within the group, that each person belongs even before they believe in Jesus as their Savior, as we do.

Shore Up Strategy

Trained Sports Coordinators serve by leading sporting programs, while looking to identify and edify other believing sports enthusiasts, who in turn encourage and transform the lives of other athletes to create a community of believers.

Sunday Huddle

Sunday Huddles are held occasionally throughout the month. Join us on Sunday Mornings as we gather outside the worship center on the Plaza of Lake Avenue Church to meet and greet with our fellow Sport enthusiasts. Come learn about the variety of sport opportunities that are available, as well as a time of fellowship and prayer. Learn what it looks like to be involved with Shore Up and join a team! More information about Sunday Huddle dates will be found in the worship folder and events calendar.


Shore Up Sports Team

For questions and more information, please contact our Shore Up Sports Coordinators...

Joshua Ault
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