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Family Ministries Newsletter Header Fall
December 11, 2020  

LAC Families-

Christmas approaches!!! We have been preparing together with our Advent Devotion. We have already talked about Hope and Peace with intention and connection. We prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate the presence and power of Jesus! If we are honest, we are also preparing for a different Christmas. I don’t know what that different is for you but each of us will have a different Christmas Eve, day, break. I hope and pray that you find some respite and connection in the midst of the difference.

Speaking of that I wanted to leave you some things that may help you think, live and experience your family differently in this coming year. We are 2 weeks away from Christmas and this is the Top Ten things that we have looked at to help you be a better parent or just hang with your family.

#10 – Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day-by-Day – Each devotional will reflect on emotionally healthy relational themes, such as clarifying expectations, deep listening, and clean fighting. You'll will be ushered into a transformational practice that will deepen your daily walk with Jesus, and along the way, you'll discover the spiritual nourishment, joy, and peace that comes from meeting with him every day. Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day by Day is also available in Spanish.

#9 – - StoryWorth is an online service that asks family members and loved ones the questions we don't think to, and memorializes them in a beautiful bound book. You can also do this without Storyworth there are plenty of questions and prompts to be found on the internet.

#8 – Growing With – A Parent's Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in Their Faith, Family, and Future.

#7 –Exploding Kittens – This is a fun strategy game with a cool name.

#6 – Becoming Better Grownups – this book shares the purpose and meaning we can all discover merely by listening, and reveals that--in a world that seems increasingly childish--the secret to joy is in fact to become more childlike.

#5 – Not Parent Approved – An imaginative card game for families.

#4 – Intentional Parenting – Book and Study guide to help you be an exceptional parent in a quick fix world.

#3 – Create a “Family Bucket List”: write a Family Bucket List and compile a list of food, adventures, places you want to eat, try, and explore together as a family.

#2 – Sticky Faith – This is a family of resources that can help you build faith in your kids and for following generations.

#1 – Family Devotion – There are so many devotions out there. The link is for some ideas but you should search around for something that your family can do together as you begin the new year.

Blessing and enjoy Advent!!!

Chuck Hunt
Associate Pastor of Family Ministries


Don't forget to check in Sunday at 12pm for our
Family Ministries Advent Video Devotional Week 3!

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Chuck Hunt
Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

Sarah Beckon
Administrative Associate of Family Ministries



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