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December 7, 2022

Dear ,


Lilli and I started our day with a statement in our morning devotional that we so needed to hear AGAIN:  “Understanding will never bring you PEACE!”  That’s why the Lord has instructed us to trust in HIM, and not in our quest to “figure things out” (our understanding)! (Proverbs 3:5-6)  We keep falling into the trap of wanting to understand “WHY” so much in our world seems to be “out of whack” and unpredictable!  That pursuit leaves us confused, restless, and out-of-sorts!  So, Lilli and I have recommitted ourselves to start each day with “an attitude of gratitude” and express our confidence and trust in the Lord (“out loud”) to provide for us, to protect us, and to simply be with us in everything we do.  God is responsible for the “WHY” questions, not me!  We are experiencing greater and more consistent levels of peace in our daily lives, as a result of following His loving command.  I pray that you will know that peace, too, in these coming days!

There are lots of reasons for “gratitude” for us regarding our church family:

  • Our “Live-streamed Worship Services” on Sundays at 9 and 11 am have provided our church family with great spiritual encouragement and challenge and are reaching many all over the U.S. and different parts of the World.
  • Our recent “Virtual VBS” reached and impacted hundreds of kids with the Gospel.
  • Our “Neighborhood Zoom Prayer Groups” are thriving and reporting many signs of God’s faithfulness through answered prayers.
  • Our “Illumine Us Prayer Evenings” continue to touch the lives of our church family and beyond, leading us into His presence and reaching people in countries all over the world!
  • Our recent “financial report status” revealed how God is generously providing for our needs through the faithful giving of our family members.  
  • Our “Virtual Student Camps” were very well-attended and many of our young people experienced a powerful work of the Lord in their lives.
  • Our FIRST VIRTUAL MEMBERSHIP SEMINAR (August 8) brought 9 new people into our church family, who are excited to join with us in God’s plans for the future.
  • And, MUCH MORE!  God is at work and has wonderful things in store for us in these coming days! 

There are also a few things that I want you to know that are coming up soon:

  • Grandparenting Ministry:

Here is a fresh, new way to hear practical ideas regarding what Christian grandparents are doing to spiritually impact their families. One of our valuable resources for all things related to intentional Christian grandparenting, Legacy Coalition, is hosting a FREE weekly webinar, beginning Monday, August 10.  It continues for four consecutive Mondays at 5 pm (PT) and 7 pm (CST).  Each week, presenters will encourage and challenge us to leave a faith legacy for our generations.

Sign up for GRAND MONDAY NIGHTS at this link, even if you can’t attend all of the webinars (or if you receive this after the 1st one happens). Click here for Legacy Coalition, then scroll down just slightly to see the Register Now button.

May we not lose heart, but gain strength of purpose as we intentionally influence our grandchildren.


Many of you already know, (through the LAC Newsletter) but our Summer Congregational Meeting will be this Sunday, August 16 at 11 am via Zoom. We will learn about goals for the coming year for the wider church and vote in to receive new members. You will need to register here: Congregational Meeting Registration


Join us on Friday, October 9, from 12-2 pm.  It will be streamed live from the FL 201-203 (Rose Room) and feature Les Stocker speaking on "How do we deal with the COVID Virus Phenomenon?" Arlene Okamoto will also be speaking on "How do we deal with the Important Issues facing us (55 Plus) in our World Today?"  There will also be featuring special music and lots of fun activities!  Please register and get the zoom code to attend by clicking here to see the event on the website.  Registration opens next week.


If you don’t get the LAC Newsletter, I recommend signing up. It is really the place to keep you informed on a weekly basis about whole church events and ministry opportunities and to hear directly from Pastor Jeff and others. Register here: LAC Newsletter


  • Don’t miss “live-streaming” our WORSHIP SERVICES on Sundays at 9 & 11 am at; or on-demand on YouTube and Facebook anytime.
  • Join us at the Illumine Us Mid-Week Gathering” on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm with refreshing, practical, and powerful prayer for the needs of our church, neighborhood and world.
  • We have “Neighborhood Groups” where you live, made up of Attenders and Members of Lake that meet "virtually" for now for fellowship, support, and fun. Lilli and I have been in the Duarte/Monrovia group and have enjoyed making and building new friendships. Please contact Pastor Annie Neufeld at to plug into the group closest to where you live. 
  • Are you wanting to build a more personal relationship with someone?  We already have over 50 people in 1-on-1 Mentoring Relationships who come alongside each other for the purpose of encouragement, advice, and spiritual enrichment.  E-mail Matt Sanders at to find out more.
  • If you would like to SERVE OTHERS during these days, you could join our CARE MINISTRY TEAM, and volunteer to call (for now) church family members in their homes or in the hospital, who are struggling with health or other issues. Contact Pastor Roger Bosch at .
  • Do you or others need Counseling and/or Help in any area of life?  Please contact our Counseling Department on their intake line at 626.844.4794.

PLEASE don’t forget:

If you need help of any kind for the use of your iPhone, or iPad, or Laptop or Desktop computer, please call 626.817.4568. The help is fast and free!

If you would like a copy of the Devotional booklet, "Our Daily Bread” in large or regular print, please let us know by calling 626.817.4886 or e-mail us at .

If or someone you know cannot watch or listen to our Sunday services online, a CD of our Sunday services is available upon request from 626.817.4886 or e-mail us at .

Let’s resolve to place our TRUST in the Lord each new day and experience His clear guidance in our lives and enjoy the “peace that passes all understanding”!

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Roger Bosch
Bill Mead
Roger Bosch
Pastor of Ministry Development