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Giving Beyond the Season - Week 5 - Study Guide

Giving Beyond the Season

Matthew 6: 1-4, 19-24, 33-34

  1. Why do you think Jesus would say to not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing in Matthew 6:3? What is the significance and message in Jesus' teaching?

  2. Read Matthew 6:19-21 first and capture your thoughts, reactions, and questions. Now read 6:22-23. What is the connection? What is the significance of eyes; what does it mean? What is the overall message of these verses? How does it challenge you in how you live?

  3. Share your experience of receiving the generosity of someone? Shar4 your experience of the joy of being a generous giver?

  4. What does it mean for you to grow in this area of your life? What would it mean for the ways you participate in giving at Lake?


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