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The Grand Prophetic Vision We Anticipate - Week 1

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Anticipation is born out of times that are not quite right (believe it or not). Anticipation longs for and believes in a day when things will be different. Anticipation is especially profound when we have a promise that someone will come to make things what they should be—what they ought to be. And anticipation is exponentially hope-giving when that Someone who will come is trustworthy and capable of bringing about change.

Advent is the ultimate time of anticipation in all of history. Throughout the Advent season, Christians take seriously the fact that things are not what they should be. But, we also believe that something new was inaugurated when Jesus came. Jesus launched a day when all will eventually be made right. Yes, everything. Throughout Advent, we remember when people anticipated Jesus' first coming (or should have). But our anticipation in the 21st century is for Jesus' Second Advent. What we anticipate is Jesus' return to complete his work. This 2013 Advent season, we will look head on at what needs to be made right. And we will cast our eyes on the One who has promised that he will finish what he has started.

On our first week of Advent, we will join Jesus followers all over the world in casting our eyes on the vision of the end of God's work as reported in many of the prophets in the Old Testament. Their prophetic vision is summarized in many parts of the New Testament book of Revelation. Those who have had eyes to see this vision have longed for it to be culminated. They have prayed, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Here is a list of what you can anticipate during this Advent season at LAC as we celebrate a blessed season of "Anticipation."


To His Glory,

Dr. Greg Waybright
Senior Pastor

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