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Reflecting Forward

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Our church is big. In a given week there are so many different people, groups, and activities that are meeting, serving, and growing in Christ. Far too often we don't take the time to reflect on what God is doing in our church family. There is much to reflect upon because God has been doing some amazing things in our church! A few weeks ago, many of the pastors were in a meeting in which we reflected on what God has been doing in our church since the Breakthrough series in the book of Acts began. As each person began to share, we were in awe of all that has been going on. We felt led to take the time to reflect with the larger church on what God has been doing this summer at Lake. This weekend we will take the time to share some of these stories as we reflect on what God has and is doing among us. Our prayer is that we all might have "ears to hear" what God is doing in our midst and how and where He is leading our church.

Our text this week (Acts 15) will not allow us to only reflect on what God has done, but also, look ahead to what is God is doing and how He calls his followers forward in the mission. This is what is means to Reflect Forward. As we reflect on where we have been we also need to take the time to pray, obey, and follow where God is taking us this fall and beyond.

I think you will agree that as we encounter these stories this weekend (in both the Scriptures and from our summer at LAC) we will each meet the Living and Active God who is moving in powerful life-changing ways among us. Far too often we allow the discouraging stories that we read about or see on television to cloud our ability to see what God is doing right in front of us. This is a weekend to do just that!


To His Glory,

Jeff Mattesich
Associate Pastor of Children & Student Ministries

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