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Reflecting Forward - Study Guide

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Reflecting Forward

Acts 15:30-41

  1. Reflect on your life with Jesus. Where have you been? What are the Scriptures that guide you? Who are the people who have played a role in your discipleship? Share with your group.

  2. What has God been teaching you as we have been in the book of Acts? What are new things you have been grasping? What are some "old things" that you have been challenged with anew?

  3. Spend time reflecting forward and share where you need God to lead you. What are the disciplines you need to grow in? Who are the people you need to love more? Where are the places you need to trust ˝God more fully with?

  4. Have you ever had conflict with someone in the church? What was that experience like for you? What can we learn about conflict from Acts 15?


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