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Category: Special Sermons

Five years ago this month, LaRosa and I packed up and left Mississippi and moved out here to California. This was a very exciting time for our family. I can still remember landing at LAX and driving into Pasadena for the first time. In August of 2005, there was also another significant event that happened, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Like everyone else in the country I was glued to my television set watching Hurricane Katrina beat away at the coastline. Then the following days were filled with people pleading for help as they were trapped on the streets of New Orleans. I have never felt so helpless before in my life!

Later that year, our church family rallied and began to raise funds to send our high school students down to New Orleans to join in on the rebuilding process. I will never forget walking into houses that sat under water for weeks, and our task was to help families go through their things. Imagine all of the pictures, clothes, furniture, all ruined. These were very sad days. As we went through the house, our task was to throw all of these things away. Watching the trash pile up on the curb I began to gain new perspective on life.

There is an old song that I used to hear all the time as a little boy and it really sums up what this pile of trash taught me: “Only what you do for Christ will last, remember only what you do for Him will be counted in the end.” In our text this weekend, we will encounter a woman who knew how to do a lot. The question is did all her doing count in the end?

This weekend as we prepare to open God’s word together I would love for you to consider two things

  1. Pray for our brothers and sisters in New Orleans as they struggle to rebuild not just their homes but also their lives.
  2. Begin to ask yourself the question what am I spending my time doing? And will it last?

Mary and Martha will help us answer these questions this week.


A His Service,

Albert Tate
Intergenerational Pastor