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A New Kind of Community - Week 5

Small Groups, Core Groups, Adult Class, Sunday School Class, Life Groups, Bible Study Groups, Couples Groups, Accountability Partners, and a plethora of other titles that churches use to capture the value of "community" in the Christian life have saturated the lingo in Church culture. Whatever one calls them, many of us know that to fully follow Jesus and to grow in our faith and knowledge of Christ we need to be in relationship with others who also desire those same things. Far too often I hear from people who share with me negative perceptions and experiences in these "community" groups. Here are a couple of the more common responses:

  • 1. There are one or two people that talk about themselves the entire time (meaning no room for me).
  • 2. If people knew what I really thought or where I'm really at they wouldn't think I am a Christian.
  • 3. Everyone in my group has an easier life than me, I just cannot relate to them.
  • 4. I used to do these kinds of groups, but I've been hurt because people I trusted ended up hurting me.
  • 5. I'm not Biblically literate enough to do something like that.

Can you relate to any of this? When it comes to COMMUNITY, churches (ours too) don't seem to lack in having ways to gather, but often we fail to get a sense of what we should do when we gather. On top of that, how do we know that our "group" is working and making a difference in our lives and in the world? As we look at Acts 2:42-47 this week, we will read about what the first "community" looked like and what they were committed to. My prayer is that as we look at these Scriptures, it will guide how we view and form community and that many of us might give it a shot (again).

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To His Glory,

Jeff Mattesich
Associate Pastor of Children's & Student Ministries