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A New Kind of Community - Week 5 - Study Guide

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A New Kind of Community

Acts 2:5-41

  1. Verse 42 gives a list of what the Early Church community was committed to. Write down that list and discuss which commitments for you are the easiest to the hardest and why that is.
  2. Read verse 45. What would it mean for you to live like this? How does this run counter cultural to our American culture? Find some contradictions between this Biblical value and our cultural values.
  3. What does “broke bread” and “breaking bread” mean? Have you experienced this kind of fellowship and community? Describe those times and what stands out to you about those times? If you have not, share your need/fear in living with people this way.
  4. What is the significance of verse 47? What do we learn about the Lord and how the Church was built?


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