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A Visitation from God - Week 4 - Study Guide

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A Visitation from God

Acts 2:5-41

Today, we read the first Christian sermon. Its impact is that, at the end, 3,000 people were baptized and added to the church (2:41). It must have been an anointed sermon!

  1. As he began his sermon, Peter said that what happened in 2:1–4 was a part of God’s eternal plan as prophesied in Scripture. Read the prophecy in Joel 2:28–32 followed by Peter’s application of it in 2:16–21. What did Peter say? What do you think this means to us today?
  2. In vv. 17–36, Peter proclaimed powerfully that Jesus is the one who fulfills the prophecies. What are his main points? How would that have connected with the Jewish audience Peter was addressing? What does it say to you?
  3. The first response to the sermon is recorded in v. 37. Has a sermon ever hit you that way? Describe that happening.
  4. Peter’s call to decision is recorded in vv. 38–40. What does he call the people to do? What would be an appropriate response to his call today?
  5. Having read the sermon, why do you think the result of it was what we read about in v. 41?
  6. What lesson do you hope to apply to your life from this passage?


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