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This Too Shall Be Made Right - Week 4

There is a new conversation emerging in our home these days with our 4 year-old. We knew we needed to start this conversation as we noticed just how comfortable Henry is in public and with strangers. He is very comfortable on the church campus too. For Henry, the church is school, daddy's office, and the church building. He is here all the time and has become very comfortable in crowds and very comfortable walking to wherever and whomever he sees fit.

As a result, we have begun talking more about "Authority Figures". We want Henry to know which people he can trust and which people are allowed to direct him. We want him to know that if he gets lost, which voices and people can help him get home. We want him to know whom he can go to when he gets hurt. We want Henry to know that among so many choices of people, how to know the right kind of people to go to, to seek the right kind of Authority Figure.

This week's text speaks to these kinds of issues for you and me. We will read and look at a story that quickly happens as Jesus begins his public ministry. We will see that from the start of Jesus ministry, he establishes his authority in ways that are shocking and revolutionary. As we study this text, we will see just how powerful and authoritative Jesus is to his listeners and to evil itself. This week we will see the authority of Jesus both in Mark 1 and in our lives today.

Let me warn you... this has been a tough text for me. The text forces me to consider how much power and authority I give to Jesus in my life. It makes me want to trust more, obey more, and be in awe of the power of Jesus more. My prayer for you is the same and as a result of us being together in Worship and learning from Mark 1, we will all want to trust more, obey more, and be in awe more of Jesus.

To His Glory,

Jeff Mattesich
Associate Pastor of Children's & Student Ministries