It Only Takes a Spark

It Only Takes a Spark

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Devotional & Small Group Discussion Questions

James 3:1-8

  • What does James say about teachers in verse 1? Why do you think teachers are judged more strictly?
  • Christian teachers in the first century had a huge platform and held an enormous amount of power. When you reflect on your own life, where do you hold power, position, or a platform from which to speak? Why is it important to control your tongue in those spaces?
  • What are the three analogies James makes in verses 3-6? What is he trying to say through the use of these images?
  • What are some of ways our words can have negative impact? Perhaps share some stories about the destructive power of words. Next, talk about some of the ways in which our words can have positive impact. What are some stories that reveal the life-giving power of words?
  • James says in vs 7 that “no human being can tame the tongue,” implying we are powerless to change without help from the Holy Spirit. Read Acts 2:1-12. How did the Spirit transform the speech/words of this group of people and what effect did it have? What hope does this give us today?
  • As we move into this election week, spend some time exercising your tongue for good. Take a moment to craft a blessing (just 1-3 sentences) for an individual or a group of people. Read those blessings at the end, and think about sending those blessings to the recipients later this week.

(Make sure to spend some time in prayer for the election, our nation, and our church this week!)