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When to Choose a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds

When to Choose a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds

Your needs and desires

You desire to provide an immediate offering to Lake Avenue Church while minimizing capital gains taxes. In addition, you want to receive the maximum charitable tax deduction possible for your contribution. 

Why a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds may be a wise choice

Donating appreciated stock or mutual funds directly to Lake Avenue Church offers you several benefits while strengthening the work of the Church:

  • You may deduct the present market value of the asset from your income tax (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income), regardless of your cost basis. A contribution amount that exceeds the threshold may be carried over for up to five years.
  • By donating the asset (rather than selling it and donating the proceeds), you eliminate your capital gains taxes. (If the asset has depreciated in value, you will want to sell it and donate the proceeds so you can claim the capital gains loss.)
  • You will be assured that your life --and your personal witness -- will be a living legacy through the work of Lake Avenue Church.

How to give a gift of Stock of Mutual Funds

Please work directly with your stock broker or mutual fund manager to arrange a contribution of stock or a mutual fund to Lake Avenue Church. It is important to determine if the asset has appreciated or depreciated in value as this will effect whether you donate the asset directly or sell it and donate the proceeds.

What steps to take to make this gift

We welcome an opportunity to have a confidential conversation with you and/or your advisor at no obligation if you desire. To make your gift, please instruct your stock broker or fund manager to initiate the transfer of ownership to Lake Avenue Church. To transfer the ownership of the asset electronically, please provide your broker/manager with the following information:

Lake Avenue Church Broker: {Name}
DTC Number: ####
Account Name:
Lake Avenue Church
(Tax ID # 95-1660848)
Account Number:

When planning any kind of gift, please notify us of your intentions so we can honor your desires.  

Thank you!

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