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A Family Discovered: My VBS Story

I am fondly known as a baby-sitter to many of the families here at Lake. I’ve been attending Lake for two and a half years and discovered my church family through Vacation Bible School. Two years in a row I’ve volunteered to work at VBS and met the most incredible women! During the first year, it was a time in my life where I was new to town and wanted to get plugged into community. VBS did that for me. Sara Jennings placed me on the dance/ worship team where I got a front row seat to 400 kids singing and dancing for Jesus- it was moving to watch them all! Through the dance/ worship team I met Paula Tkach who introduced me to all of her friends- other moms who had volunteered for VBS. This team also varied in ages - high school, college, young adult and adults which I love. It really helped form intergenerational relationships which is very important. Before I knew it, I had exchanged numbers with all of the moms and started baby-sitting that week. At the time, I thought I was just baby-sitting, I didn’t realize what God was doing behind the scenes.

Now, two years later, these women and their children have become a major part of my life. Yes I still baby-sit for all of them, but more importantly I have received the best “mommy training” I could of asked for! I have been given an amazing opportunity to learn about the type of mother and wife I want to be through watching and learning from these incredible women.  I have been married a little over a year now but my husband has lived overseas for most of that time. During this year, each one of these inspiring mothers has taught me something different- whether it’s a basic mothering skill or something really challenging and difficult as a parent. I’ve watched these women handle themselves with the utmost confidence and love for the Lord.

Since my husband and I will be moving in June, I will have to miss VBS this year. It will be a bittersweet departure because as much as I am looking forward to living with my husband, I will miss these women and their families deeply- all the families I’ve gotten to know at Lake. They’ve all helped shape and mold me into the Christian woman and wife I am today. I’m so grateful to have known them. I will always cherish the two years I had with them and their families and I know one day I will make me a better mother because of it- I’m so thankful! I’ve loved being a part of Lake Avenue Church! God uses our service not only to bless others but also to do a work in our own lives. He used VBS to build community in my life and bring friends and mentors. VBS is a great place to plug in, have fun and serve the Lord.