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Class 2022

Greeting church family! Pictured above are students who went to summer camp, attended all-nighters, served at VBS and journeyed in life groups. Pictured above are a brave, creative, diverse, beautiful group of students. Pictured above are Sunday school volunteers, worship leaders, missionaries, community activists, greeters, disciples, and world changers. Pictured above are students made in the image of God. This, my church family, is the class of 2022 here at Lake Avenue Church.

StoriesAtLake Web Headers 05 29 22Their high school journey has been not been the typical one, and I would say vastly more challenging. But they have endured and continued to move forward and hopefully continue to seek after what Christ has for them in this next season. On May 14, they gathered together alongside parents, pastors, and leaders for one last high school party filled with laughter, awkward baby photo slideshow, prayer, and seeking God for their next season. It was utterly beautiful, and it was church. I’d like to encourage you to continue to pray for their next season that they may know the God of the universe through Christ, find community, and know God’s purpose for their life. And if you happen to cross their path, instead of vocation and college questions, maybe ask them something like . . .

On your first free day after graduation, what restaurant would you like to go to with a close friend? What do you dream about for your life for this next year? What is one thing you wish your church family would ask you as you finish high school? And lastly, how can I pray for you? Let’s continue to make Lake Avenue Church a safe and caring place for this class and all the other classes to come. Blessings, grace, and love to the class of 2022. Congratulations!