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Look Out World, Here I Come!

Carol Baird recently shared about her experience being the Shepherd’s Class President and Teacher. “Before I came to Lake Avenue Church, I helped teach the same class in Rolling Hills Covenant Church for five years. When I came to Lake, being in Shepherd’s Class made me feel at home, so Lake became my church - just like that!”

Now, after many faithful years of serving she will be heading to Southeast Asia where she will be starting a new work on July 1; “I take off to serve as the first Wheelchair Basketball Coach - praise God! Only He could make that happen after being disabled for a decade. While I was limited to bedrest on the couch most of the time, God revealed that I’d be serving Him full-time in Cambodia! That kept me going when the physical, mental and psychological limitations trapped me.”

At the end of 2015, she met with the Regional Director of the International Red Cross. Carol shared, “After interviewing him, he asked the B-I-G question – would I be willing to come help them for a year? After a l-o-n-g pause, a ‘yes’ escaped from my mouth, surprising me!

Upon returning, a challenging situation faced me, since I was leading Shepherd’s Class. When would I tell the Shepherd’s Class? When do I retire from Shepherds Class? I’d been taught how to lead, start, and teach many things in 21 years of military service and the equivalent of five degrees, but never how to leave or retire. Only God could take me through it, and when I deviated, it got rough. The emotional ties were deep, and hard to let go. I wrestled and released them to God several times before His peace took over. But when it did, His perfect peace prevailed! I thank God for Christine and Jon Kan, the teachers who took over, so I was freed to focus on my preparations. They have been doing such a wonderful job truly a blessing from God!”

Carol has grown to love the Shepherd’s Class very deeply. She said, “Everyone gets along well. It’s the closest thing to Heaven on earth, with such spontaneity and unguarded hearts. I will surely miss them!

I returned to the International Red Cross in January, when the director told me that I’ll be their coach! If they want me to stay longer, I will.

Please pray for God’s ongoing guidance as I serve Him; that I learn basketball and coaching skills; that my Thai family is released soon elsewhere; and that God will keep me safe, balanced and healthy.”

For more details and ways to support Carol, contact her by e-mail at