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On the Front Lines of Public Education: Lake Avenue’s Long Standing Commitment to Blair School

All four of our children attended PUSD from K-12. When it came time for high school, our eldest daughter Kelsey, who is now 29, chose to attend Blair, at a time when Blair was struggling with poor performance on standardized tests and a challenging school climate. We hoped that, as a Christian family, we could be part of making Blair a better learning environment for all those attending.

Unbeknownst to us at that time, a decision had been made a year earlier by the pastoral team at Lake Avenue to adopt-a-school in an effort to be on the front lines by making a difference in our local public schools. Blair was selected because the needs and challenges were obvious and urgent. That commitment to Blair has been on-going now for sixteen years and the impact has been phenomenal. Lake Avenue has been the heart and hands of Jesus to a school community that has greatly benefited from that support.

Over the years, the Lake Avenue congregation has come alongside Blair in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing regular volunteers in classrooms, the library, and back-to-school registration days
  • Participating in special campus beautification days
  • Assisting with special needs during homecoming and other events
  • Allowing the sanctuary to be used, for free, for graduations and choral performances
  • And the annual back-to-school shower each fall, where Blair teachers share what supplies they need and the congregation purchases the items or donates funds

As a parent, whose four children all attended Blair, I can attest to how incredibly significant and meaningful this partnership has been in helping to strengthen and improve Blair. Lake Avenue has shown up time and time again, in tangible ways, to support Blair! What an incredible blessing Lake Avenue continues to be to the staff, parents and students at Blair!