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Stories at Lake

Let a story of faith, healing, hope and courage inspires each and everyone of us to understand God's mercy and His purpose for us.


You know someone has a servant’s heart when they help wherever there is a need. It’s pretty unique when someone serves in this way because they see the need everywhere. I saw him at every event this summer, running around helping wherever he could.
Isaiah has served this summer and for the last seven summers at the Classic Car Nights and S.E.A camp for the last four years. He’s 17 years old.  
He shared how at times he’s kind of awkward with his words. He’s in charge of meeting all the new car owners that attend Classic Car Nights.  He continued, “I get their information for the database and that’s been a challenge but I also enjoy meeting new people. This summer I also got to serve with my friend Logan, which was really fun.”
I asked who he looks up to. He shared, “Pastor Bill Mead and my dad are role models to me. My dad was on staff as a youth leader at LAC when I was a little kid and now he does the classic car nights with the Men’s Ministry.  I’ve learned a lot from them.”
Isaiah continues to serve wherever he is able, including recently when he also helped put together the Compass website - an outreach event this fall.  He said, “I’ve learned about patience and have seen the positive results of sacrificial giving.  I’ve also learned that prayer makes a difference.”
For more information on ways to serve, visit and use the serve finder where you can search for needs in the various ministries here at Lake.


This summer God has given me an opportunity to travel out of the state…