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The Richness of Gratitude from Green Oak Ranch

This past year at Green Oak Family Camp the focus was on gratefulness, and there was an opportunity to write messages of thankfulness to God at several stations around the camp. These little written cards, and the prayers and conversations that flowed from them, are a catalyst for transformation and we want to share just some of them with you.

Thank you, Lord, for…

  • Beautiful new friendships!
  • Intergenerational line dancing
  • The kind of fun that couldn’t be planned
  • Lining up life so I can be used by You
  • So many connections that were made and deepened
  • Your creation in the sights and sounds of the hens, rooster, pigs, donkeys, ponies, bunnies and mostly, children at play
  • Inclusive outdoor worship
  • Saturday night fireside Jam
  • Those who brought their instruments or picked up shakers to play
  • Mommy
  • Green Oak and Lake Avenue Church. They have been so important in our lives. I'm grateful for how the Lord is growing my wife and I in our relationship.
  • New traditions
  • Reminding me that Your plan for my life is still to bless me.
  • God died for Me! Someone loves so much that they would die for Me!
  • Providing financially for me this week!
  • The camp. So many memories watching my boys grow up!
  • This first time at Green Oak camp. Meeting lots of new friends. So nice, friendly and helping each's very nice it!
  • I am so thankful for the prayer support and concern for any of our family needs and crisis
  • So thankful for Michael Mitchell, Tiana and the team.... for Jeff and Jan Leonard and all that happens at Green grateful.

(Thank you to everyone who helped make Green Oak Camp 2022 a success and a blessing to so many new families and guests. We hope to see you next year!)