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VBS 2022 - Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness

The last two years have been quite a journey! (I am sure you have heard 100 versions of that statement recently . . . ). But here we are, getting ready for VBS 2022. In 2019, we had 560 children, with 233 amazing volunteers, on our Lake Avenue Church campus for VBS while we learned that even when “Life is wild, God is good!” Since 2019 we have been able to engage with 603 children and their families with our VBS @ home and VBS on campus. This year we are so excited to fully return to the beautiful Lake Avenue Church campus for VBS 2022, Monumental. This year we will explore God's awesomeness, the vastness of His power and the depth of His love for each of us. We will form a rock-solid faith for the road ahead, and we are so excited.

As we have prepared for VBS, I have heard one of the sweetest stories. One of our VBS crew leaders last year had a mission for her crew. They were commissioned to be “Leaders in Disguise.”  Their job was to be good examples for the other crews around them, by being ready to help if someone asked, by holding the door for each other and anyone who needed a hand and offering help to their parents and families even outside of VBS. But, all while being undercover. Each day when their crew would have some time together, their crew leader would debrief their adventure of being a “Leader in Disguise,” and would think of other ways to serve others for that new day. What an awesome way to teach children how to show love and serve those around them!

Even though this will be my first time coordinating VBS I am so thankful for the love and support I have already received from the staff and volunteers, but we will need more help! What are some ways you can help (I was hoping you would ask . . . )? We still need some more volunteers, we have jobs available for anyone 6th grade and up, from rocking babies to serving snack, we can use YOUR help. Also, we still have space for children, so tell your neighbors, invite your grandkids, or child’s friends from school! Lastly, PRAY! Pray for us to be able to come together in unity with all of the beautiful generations of our church and for children, students and the volunteers to experience God’s love in a new way. Visit us @ to sign up and a more complete prayer guide.