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Wema Ventures

Byron recently completed a two-day field visit to our friend Kenneth’s farm about seven hours’ drive from where we live. He took an agricultural consultant along (Neil, with a masters in agronomy from Cornell) to help advice and counsel as Kenneth expands his small but flourishing operation.

When Byron and Kenneth first met 13 years ago, Kenneth was hustling his auto mechanic skills, trying to make enough money to live, and to save up to marry the woman he loved.

Byron recognized his gifting, integrity, spark and tenacity, and began investing in Kenneth’s life. Business ideas and opportunities, guidance and relational counsel, spiritual growth and the reality of the ups and downs and challenges of life, they discussed it all.

Today, Kenneth has a growing family, and several businesses on the go. Non-flashy, but faithful, his efforts are paying off. It’s a joy to see him succeed. This is the fruit of presence, and of coming alongside.

At Wema Ventures, we aim to break poverty's grip in individual lives and communities through training, assistance and/or consultation. Through relational or formalized partnerships, Wema fosters dignifying economic sustainability for local people. Because we believe that the best development in needy regions involves not only the development of viable economic sustainability, but also of authentic faith in the living Christ, we’re involved in discipleship relationships, spiritual direction, prayer groups, teaching, preaching, mentoring and one to one encouragement. Thank you for partnering with us in this work. (Wema is pronounced with a short “e” as in wet or went).

Every blessing,

Lisa (and Byron)

Byron & Lisa Borden serve in Tanzania & Kenya, East Africa. They have been LAC missionaries since they first went to Kenya together in 1984. Lisa's parents, Denny and Carolyn Repko, and her grandparents were also missionaries, as were Byron's parents. They cherish their heritage of cross-cultural service. Together they founded Wema Ventures . . . Transforming communities through enterprise instead of aid.