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Why I Served at VBS

Krista decided to volunteer with VBS because she watched her older brother do it. She volunteered for the first time last summer.

“I remember the kids’ excitement. It’s so different. I love seeing that. The best part was when one of the shy girls opened up and became energetic. It was also really fun to serve with my friends.”

Krista expressed the importance of serving, “I love kids and I love LAC - giving back and helping out is such an important aspect of community. LAC is my home so when I give back, I’m giving back to my family.” I loved her enthusiasm. She saw Lake and serving as one element, so I asked if she would volunteer again. Before I finished the question, she jumped right on the answer, “Definitely! I’m already involved in Middle School leadership. We set up for Coffee Connection on Sundays. I love being involved in different ways at church.”

I wanted to know what she would tell someone who is unsure about serving at VBS. She said, “My advice is they should! It’s fun to volunteer, especially if your friends do it with you! You don’t have to be on stage or in front of everyone. You can always help by passing out snacks. Small details make a big difference and there are many ways to serve.”

I asked her what she hopes for VBS this year. She responded, “I hope to see lots of kids and more leaders! You can have a big impact by serving and being present in these young children’s lives who may or may not have a relationship with Jesus. What’s more important than that?”

In closing she shared what God taught her through this experience. “God has shown me that I can help people by doing the smallest things, like volunteering for a week at a camp, and it can have the biggest effect on people.”

Want to help? Volunteer before or during VBS, donate food or supplies, donate a scholarship. Questions? Contact Sara Jennings at or call 626.817.4858 or visit