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December 7, 2022

Dear ,

Recently, Lilli and I were reading Mark 10:13-16, the passage about some parents bringing their children to Jesus, asking Him to bless them. The Disciples told them, “don’t bother Jesus with your children!” In other words, leave Jesus alone, He has much more “important” things to do with His time!”  Really!  Jesus came down hard on His disciples and told them, “Let the children come to me.  Don’t stop them!  For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” I know there is much to be said about this passage, but we were reminded again about how important children are to Jesus.  How much He loves them and cares for them. As grandparents of 5 such children, we have been very blessed by being a part of the “Grandparenting Ministry” at Lake, where we have learned what it means to be “intentional” about our grandparenting. It is easy to spend time with them, to take them to fun places, to spoil them with “not-so-healthy” food, etc. But, the most important thing we want to share with them is Jesus and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him.  So, we are learning to plan our times together to include things like reading Bible stories together, to learn verses of Scripture, to share prayer requests and answers to prayer, to share “our story” of how we came to Jesus and all that He has done for us and is doing in our daily lives.  It has been exciting to hear them (ages 11 to 5) singing the songs they learn in Children’s Church and to watch them compete at the table to pray for the food and for everything else, too. “I wanna pray this time!” If you are interested in knowing more about this ministry, please go to our webpage and type in “grandparenting” and you will be directed to the website. The principles taught also include aunts and uncles, too!  You will be blessed.

On Saturday, February 27, about 30 of us met outside on our Lake campus for a wonderful time of spiritual refreshment. Pastor John Smyser provided the teaching and facilitation of our time together, using the Lenten theme as our guide. We studied Scripture passages that reminded us of GOD’S LOVE FOR US:  the importance of being FOCUSED on Jesus and what it means to follow Him; the critical element of SURRENDERING all to His will for our lives; the essential ingredient of FAITH to trust the Lord and “lean not on our own understanding;” ending with a close look at “the hope of GLORY” promised us, who belong to Jesus. We all sensed that the Lord had done “a new thing” in our lives! Praise Him!  And, THANK YOU, JOHN!

Here are a few upcoming events I don’t want you to miss:

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Seminar will be held via Zoom on Saturday, April 24. Our own Rich Chinen, estate planning attorney, will discuss the roles of estate planning documents in the event of illness and incapacity and after death.  We will also have an outside speaker lead us in a very important presentation about the Five Wishes, a document recognized in California that gives end-of-life directives. Les Stocker will wind up our time with some thoughts on personal legacies. There will also be lots of time for Q & A.  

For more information and to register click here.

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Our Holy-Week-in-a-Box gift has several small tangible items for you as well as printed material.  It is designed to help you celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Praying on Saturday, and Easter Sunday. For more information and to register for a time to pick up a box, click here.

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In light of the changes made for California regarding Covid 19 restrictions, our Lake leadership has made the following decisions for our Weddings and Memorials on our campus:  we are ready to open up our indoor venues for weddings and memorials. Here are some things to keep in mind as you interface and plan with the families:

Covid Protocols: Most of what we have come to expect. Mask wearing, physical distancing, and now keeping attendance to 25% or less of room capacity.

Singing: The state of California just dropped some new protocols when it comes to singing in services. We are still unpacking how we are going to approach these new rules. There will be some flexibility here.

Food After the Event/Service: I know this has been a consistent request when it comes to these services. In general, it is still something we would discourage, but if it is a make or break issue for a family we can consider it. It certainly would need to be outside and we would need to see a plan for how we would provide adequate space for distancing while people are eating. 

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We are gearing up our Sunday Services for our church family members to attend via registration.  For more information on Holy Week and registering for Easter services click here.  COVID protocols will be adhered to. 

Palm Sunday:  9 & 11 am, live-streamed and with limited personal attendance via registration. 11:30 am Outdoor Service.

Maundy Thursday: Zoom Worship Service is being put on by Pastors Scott White, Annie Neufeld, Mathew John and Jeanine Smith.  It is April 1st at 7:30 and will be an interactive event 

Good Friday:  live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook

In Between Prayer Event: Saturday April 3rd from 8am to noon.  This is a ‘come and go as you please’ event.  There will be prayer stations set up to lead you through guided prayer on this special day in between the death of Jesus and his resurrection.  While God might appeared inactive, we now know God was anything but!  There will also be people present to pray with others.  Children are welcome.

Easter Sunday line-up includes:

  • 7 am Sunrise Service in the West Parking Lot - with registration
  • 9 & 11 am indoor Services will be live-streamed and limited in-person attendance via registration. There will be no Children’s or Student’s program, as families will be sitting together.
  • 2 & 4 pm Outdoor Services - with registration
  • Comunidad will celebrate the Service in the Chapel at their usual time at 11 am.

*Registration links will be available soon. Look for our LakeAveNews all-church newsletter, social media platforms, and website for details.

Here is a website to go to if you would like to schedule a vaccination:

I want to wish all of you a blessed Lenten Season as we prepare ourselves for the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter.  He is Risen!  What a glorious day!


Pastor Roger Bosch
Bill Mead
Roger Bosch
Pastor of Ministry Development